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Prime-sponsored legislation includes:



988 Suicide Prevention Lifeline Network, SB21-154. Created the 988 crisis hotline for crisis response services in Colorado.


Watershed Restoration Grant Program Stimulus, SB21-240. Transferred $30 million from the general fund to Colorado Water Conservation Board for watershed protection programs.


Funding for Colorado Proud, SB21-203. Appropriated $2.5 million to the Colorado Department of Agriculture for the Colorado Proud program which markets Colorado food and agriculture products.


Implement the State Water Plan, HB21-1260. Allocation of $20 million to implement the State Water Plan.


Delivering Health-care Services Through Telemedicine, HB21-1256. The Act requires rules specifically relating to entities that deliver health-care or mental health-care services exclusively or predominately through telemedicine. 



Groundwater Compact Compliance Fund, SB22-028. Provided $60 million to address groundwater sustainability targets and interstate compact requirements in Rio Grande Basin and Republican River Basin.


Behavioral Health Administration, HB22-1278. Created the Behavioral Health Administration in the Colorado Department of Human Services. 


Behavioral Health-care Workforce, SB22-181. Provided for a behavioral health-care provider workforce plan and state investment totaling $72 million to support behavioral health-care staffing and licensure attainment.


Wildfire Prevention Watershed Restoration Funding, HB22-1379. Provided critical funding to address wildfire fire risks around high-priority watersheds.



Physician Assistant Collaboration Requirements, SB 23-083. Updated state law to allow most physician assistants to practice collaboratively with a physician rather than practice under a supervisory agreement.


Measures to Expand Postconviction DNA Testing, HB23-1034. Increased eligibility for people convicted of felonies to receive DNA testing and allowing for recourse for those who may have been falsely convicted.

Agricultural Producers Use of Agrivoltaics, SB23-092. Authorized the state agricultural drought and climate resilience office to award grants for use of agrivoltaics, or integration of solar energy generation facilities within agricultural lands.


Projects to Restore Natural Stream System, SB23-270. Provides protections for completed stream restoration projects and projects that have secured permits before August 1, 2023.


Colorado Senate committee assignments: 


Agriculture & Natural Resources; Legislative Council; Capital Development; Transportation & Energy; and Finance.



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