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As a fourth-generation farmer and rancher in the San Luis Valley, Simpson said he looks at policy through a lens of rural Colorado. To him, representing that population is paramount.

“If you look at the Colorado state Senate, there’s a handful of senators that represent rural areas,” said Christine Arbogast, a federal affairs liaison who’s worked with Simpson for nearly two decades on water-related issues. “The rural areas need strong leadership and a strong spokesperson.”

“From my perspective, I’m not sure we could have a better senator. Coming from the water world, he understands it,” said Steve Wolff, general manager of the Southwestern Water Conservation District.

From the Durango Herald:
Cleave Simpson settles into District 6,
looks to water issues


"Rural Colorado and our way of life continues to be the target of speculative interests. Water in the Rio Grande basin and the San Luis Valley remains under threat by Renewable Water Resources and their supporters in Douglas County. New water basin exportation projects are not how we manage water in Colorado and I will continue to work with my fellow Colorado legislators and rural communities to ensure that pipe dream projects like RWR never see the light of day."

– Cleave Simpson

From the Colorado Sun:
Douglas County’s water future shouldn’t be for sale


Colorado State Sen. Cleave Simpson announces 2024 re-election bid


“There is still an opportunity to represent rural Colorado, to continue to build our reputation and work toward building resiliency and relevance in rural Colorado.
There is truly a rural-urban divide. Trying to work in that space the last three years to help close that, I recognize there's still a lot of work to do.”

– Cleave Simpson

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